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Kokua 4.2.1 erschienen
Hallo zusammen ;D

Heute ist die Version 4.2.1 von Kokua erschienen, nähere Infos unter

2017-03-31  Geir Nøklebye  <--removed-->

* .hgtags:
Added tag 4.2.1 Release for changeset 08632c1b005d
[b5843cfb398c] [tip]

* .hgtags:
Added tag 4.2.1 RLV Release for changeset 5c3572188e57

2017-03-27  Geir Nøklebye  <--removed-->

* indra/newview/llviewermessage.cpp:
Synced portions of llviewermessage to the Kokua-MKRLV version. Chat
is now working as expected in both RLV and Non-RLV mode.
[5c3572188e57] [4.2.1 RLV Release]

2017-03-26  Geir Nøklebye  <--removed-->

* indra/newview/llviewermessage.cpp:
Reverse the effect on local chat when RLV was disabled caused by
Marine Kelley’s commit which rendered useless: Fix: Completely redo
9812873a6d9f in a different way because it broke @recvchat.

2017-03-25  Geir Nøklebye  <--removed-->

* indra/newview/skins/default/xui/en/menu_viewer_kokua.xml:
Update Kokua Menu for MAINT-380

2017-03-24  andreykproductengine  <--removed-->

* indra/llui/lleditmenuhandler.h, indra/newview/llviewermenu.cpp,
MAINT-380 Add "Duplicate" feature into Build-Object sunbmenu

2017-03-21  andreykproductengine  <--removed-->

* indra/newview/llfilteredwearablelist.cpp,
MAINT-6789 Add More now won't affect Edit Appearance perfomance
during fetch unless visible

2017-03-25  Geir Nøklebye  <--removed-->

* indra/newview/VIEWER_VERSION.txt:
Update viewer version to 4.2.1

2017-03-24  Geir Nøklebye  <--removed-->

* indra/newview/skins/default/xui/en/menu_viewer_kokua.xml:
Add menu item to toggle LightShare on or off to the World menu.

* indra/newview/llnetmap.cpp:
Fix the mini-map to show the full region also for VARs.

2015-05-09  Ansariel  <Ansariel>

* indra/newview/fslightshare.cpp:
Update from upstream: Fixing re-defined variables, unused variables
and other cruelties...

2013-09-29  Cinders  <--removed-->

* indra/newview/fslightshare.cpp, indra/newview/fslightshare.h,
Fix Lightshare reset message

2017-03-22  andreykproductengine  <--removed-->

* indra/newview/llblocklist.cpp:
MAINT-6789 MAC build fix

* indra/newview/llblocklist.cpp:
MAINT-7225 Blocks list wasn't updating corretly for name based

2017-03-21  Mnikolenko Productengine  <--removed-->

* indra/llui/lltextbase.cpp:
MAINT-7224 Chat logs move down, leaving huge empty space

2017-03-14  Nicky Perian  <--removed-->

* indra/newview/skins/default/xui/en/strings.xml:
Fix abuse report toolbar button label and tooltip

2017-03-21  Geir Nøklebye  <--removed-->

* indra/newview/skins/default/xui/en/panel_region_terrain.xml:
Remove duplicate and confusing text in the Region Texture panel.

2017-03-17  Geir Nøklebye  <--removed-->

* indra/newview/llfilepicker.cpp:
Add missing FFSAVE_DAE to llfilepicker.cpp. Used by daeexport to set
the correct file extension on macOS when exporting an item as

2017-03-16  Nicky Perian  <--removed-->

* indra/llimagej2coj/llimagej2coj.cpp:
[Windows] Correct warning as error.

2017-03-15  Geir Nøklebye  <--removed-->

* .hgtags:
Added tag 4.2 RLV RC for changeset b679af3b31bf

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