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OSgrid,..wie geht es weiter?
Ein wenig sehr seltsam das ganze ...

Um die Geburt dieses Mäusleins hat der Berg wahrhaft lange gekreist...
I have to leave said the leaf and left to the left klara
War zu erwarten, das.... Sie haben es halt versucht, was man anerkennen muss.
Wer sagt, dass die nicht ganz froh sind, mal eben einen Haufen Karteileichen elegant entsorgt zu haben und mit einer kleineren motivierten Truppe neu anfangen zu können? Das OS-Grid könnte durchaus in neuem Glanz erstrahlen...
I have to leave said the leaf and left to the left klara
Einige werden zurückkehren, aber ein ganzer Haufen wohl nicht. Hab da verschiedene Meinungen zu gehört. Viele haben mit eigenem Minigrid oder Standalone neu angefangen, einige sind in andere Grids gewandert und werden da bleiben. Die Community findet sich zusammen egal wo sie stecken, das beweist jeden Freitag Doros Party. Die gleichen Gesichter nur andere Gridnamenanhängsel.
DeReOS Grid -
Zitat:OSgrid has successfully recovered 1.9 terabytes, out of 3.5 terabytes total, grid president James Stallings II said during a conversation on OSgrid’s Internet Relay Chat channel yesterday. The conversation was reposted on OSgrid’s forums by grid administrator and OpenSim developer Allen Kerensky.

Stallings — who was posting under the user name “leTwitch” — did not say how much longer the recovery would take, or in what form OSgrid would be once it came back up.

Unlike smaller grids, which use mySQL databases for their assets, OSgrid uses a structured file system, he said. There are a total of 21 million files in OSgrid’s system that have to be recovered.

This is the third and last recovery attempt for OSgrid. The first two recovery attempts involved “partition cloning,” Stallings said.

“These completed successfully and tested out at recovery lab,” he said. “But when hooked up to our server still showed unrecoverable issues.”

Stallings added that the grid will be making some changes to its backup system, to avoid similar problems in the future.

“We’re discussing, for instance, a pair of asset servers in ‘hot and ready standby’ configuration — one writes everything written to it to the other,” he said.

“This would be hella simple to do with SRAs,” he said, referring to a storage technology known as Storage Replication Adapters. “I think we’ve reached that point. SRAs will be a part of what ever we do moving forward, though it might see some tweaking for effect.”
Lack of communication

In yesterday’s discussion, Stallings also addressed the grid’s communication issues.

“I wish people would stop saying there is no new information,” he said. “That’s just a lot of FUD. That is whats getting old, as I mentioned less than a week ago.”

In addition to the Internet Relay Chat channel, he also suggested that OSgrid residents can look to Twitter and Facebook for information.

However, OSgrid’s Twitter page hasn’t had a relevant update since mid-October. The grid’s home page just has that same Twitter feed.

OSgrid’s Facebook page has had two relevant updates — “Grid is currently offline, no ETA at this time. Sorry folks!” on August 18 and then a slightly longer note on November 4, saying: “Concerning the recent and longstanding problems with OSgrid, we’re basically continuing in a holding pattern until the first of the coming week, at which time if we don’t have our files recovered, we’ll be moving forward without them.”

A total of five updates have been posted on the OSgrid news page, the last one a copy-and-paste from an October 15 Internet Relay Chat channel conversation promising that “if nothing else, the end of the waiting will soon come to pass.”

When contacted by email today, Stallings declined to provide any additional information about the status of the latest recovery attempt.

“There are updates less than one day old on the forums,” he told Hypergrid Business. “There is nothing more to know than what is to be found there.”
Hypergrid Business
Zitat:“There is nothing more to know than what is to be found there.”

MaW : Dat hat euch nich zu interessieren - Basta
Wer nicht weiss wohin er will, der kommt leicht woanders hin.
Zitat:IRC Log - 2014-11-10 10:32AM US/Central
(10:32:24 AM) leTwitch: I wish people would stop saying there is no new information; that's just a lot of FUD
(10:32:29 AM) leTwitch: that is whats getting old
(10:32:29 AM) AllenKerensky: and helping folks get viewers and regions connected is also essential donation
(10:32:50 AM) Cuteulala: hehe i was a osgrid greeter always jumped to help new users
(10:32:51 AM) leTwitch: as I mentioned less than a week ago
(10:32:55 AM) Zia_: Where do you get "new info" I have not found anything since the last update on the main page
(10:33:12 AM) leTwitch: Today we'll be in contact with the engineers working on the drives
(10:33:14 AM) AllenKerensky: nod leTwitch I was relaying that - I think the problem is if people aren't actively here monitoring, they assume nothing was said
(10:33:24 AM) ferria: i have not seen anything siince the last note
(10:33:26 AM) leTwitch: we'll know one way or another when we hear from them
(10:33:29 AM) ferria: a mointh back
(10:33:39 AM) Cuteulala: im more of a person (let me in!) then worry about whats gonna happemn lol
(10:33:39 AM) ferria: i had to come in here to get an info fix
(10:33:41 AM) ferria: Smile
(10:33:41 AM) leTwitch: Oh, Idk, facebook, twitter, this IRC channel...
(10:33:50 AM) Zia_: Thaks Let.
(10:34:11 AM) ferria: my last twit is about a meeting
(10:34:16 AM) ferria: streaming
(10:34:20 AM) leTwitch: Their bad assumptions are not my doing; nor do they change the truth
(10:34:43 AM) Zia_: Well... were are the offical osgt updates put? on the updates on the main page. I coud write a letter and put it in my desk and then say... Hey, i wrote you right?
(10:35:04 AM) leTwitch: IRC is now and always has been the primary source of news on osgrid. Anyone not checking in here to see what is happening isnt trying very hard, just sayin.
(10:35:16 AM) Zia_: Let.... we are in the idea and mood of commending you guys. Not attacking. Please dont attatck us for asking.
(10:35:23 AM) ferria: i was ignorant
(10:35:34 AM) ferria: of its prestigious position
(10:35:42 AM) ferria: or id have been here long ago
(10:35:52 AM) Zia_: Are you for real? Tongue sigh.... any way... Thanks for the "update"
(10:35:54 AM) leTwitch: not attacking; defending. That being said, you have at least made it to the freshest news now.
(10:36:01 AM) leTwitch: I just got email back just now.
(10:36:11 AM) Zia_: what are you defending from? Request for information?
(10:36:45 AM) ferria: i am a huge fan of the entire staff
(10:36:46 AM) Zia_: Its ok hun. Its early and you guys have been under what i think would be an imposible stress. We get it.
(10:36:47 AM) leTwitch: Data dump continues without other issue, except excessive time involved. No way to tell progress beyond that 1.9 TB has been dumped.
(10:36:52 AM) ferria: and vastly appreciative
(10:37:09 AM) AllenKerensky: O.o 1.9TB in and its still going?!?
(10:37:18 AM) ferria: jeez
(10:37:25 AM) leTwitch: This isn't stressing me out too bad; but only because I'm not the one actually doing the work; if I were, I'd probably be positively impossible Wink
(10:37:25 AM) Zia_: define "dumped" for us non savvy please?
(10:37:27 AM) AllenKerensky: <kung pow voice> THAT'S A LOT OF TBs!
(10:37:51 AM) ferria: and its only about a third done
(10:38:01 AM) AllenKerensky: how many prims does 1.9TB even hold <boggle>
(10:38:10 AM) Zia_: 3 Big Grin
(10:38:14 AM) Zia_: If i made it ha ha ha
(10:38:17 AM) leTwitch: well, the first two attempts at recovery involved partition cloning. These completed successfully and tested out at recovery lab; but when hooked up to our server still showed unrecoverable issues.
(10:38:39 AM) leTwitch: the last ditch effort is to conduct a file-level dump of all the folders and files that they can read and we cant.
(10:38:45 AM) leTwitch: that's what is happening now
(10:38:51 AM) leTwitch: it's 1.9 TB through
(10:39:13 AM) leTwitch: I want to say someone told me we had 3.5 TB in over 21 million files.
(10:39:16 AM) Zia_: can you tell me what a "dump" is please?
(10:39:38 AM) ferria: transfer of an entire bit of data
(10:39:38 AM) Zia_: wow thats a lot of stuff :/
(10:39:43 AM) AllenKerensky: Zia_ just slang for making a copy of the files
(10:39:51 AM) leTwitch: a dump is just a copy of the file system
(10:39:54 AM) Zia_: gotcha. Thank you Smile
(10:40:04 AM) leTwitch: yeah, sorry, I figured anyone here would know Smile
(10:40:12 AM) Zia_: So you guys having some success then. Smile
(10:40:39 AM) Zia_: No worrys. My lag not yours. this is a "tech chat thing" right?
(10:40:40 AM) leTwitch: they are; this was a really, really bad disk crash. We are paying some rather expensive professionals to deal with it.
(10:40:54 AM) leTwitch: Although honestly, the longer it takes them the less expensive it gets
(10:41:10 AM) leTwitch: yes, Zia_ techie speak lol
(10:41:21 AM) ErikMouse: So it is a matter of time before we see someone op up to change the part of the topic that says '*** GRID IS OFFLINE ***' to '*** GRID IS FINALLY ONLINE ***' or something like that?
(10:41:25 AM) Zia_: Oh god yes! And belive me, i think we are all very proud of the dilagence you guys have shown in refusing to fail. CHeers to you!
(10:41:40 AM) leTwitch: well, dont get in too big a hurry y'all
(10:41:52 AM) ferria: im patient
(10:41:56 AM) leTwitch: we have to do some things before we can just bring it back up
(10:41:58 AM) ferria: especially when informed
(10:42:05 AM) leTwitch: we gotta do something real about backups
(10:42:13 AM) leTwitch: we dont want this to happen again.
(10:42:27 AM) Zia_: No, it would just be good to have more info if we could. With no data the mind will fill the viod. And it always picks the worst posiuble thing Tongue
(10:42:29 AM) Ken_S: Unless all the recovered data is perfect and nothing at all is corupted, having the data back will be worse than not having it at all.
(10:42:34 AM) Ken_S: Thats what worries me.
(10:42:43 AM) Zia_: Most of us have actualy never been here before
(10:43:24 AM) leTwitch: it isn't in a database Ken_S, it's a structured file system full of little binary blob files
(10:43:25 AM) BlueWall: Sound like a 21M question multiple choice exam 0.0
(10:43:42 AM) ferria: i hooked up to my db with another sim in metro all the objects were there but no assets like scripts and textures
(10:43:43 AM) Ken_S: Yes, its MySQL data files.
(10:43:50 AM) ferria: is this how it workes
(10:43:55 AM) leTwitch: no, it isn't, not on osg
(10:44:04 AM) leTwitch: we store our assets as individual files
(10:44:10 AM) BlueWall: leTwitch, are they getting the file structure back too?
(10:44:31 AM) leTwitch: Blue, if they aren't they're wasting everyone's time
(10:45:30 AM) BlueWall: yeah, when you said the amt. of files I thought how would you ever be able to match them to the indexes in the database
(10:45:33 AM) ferria: i gotta get but TY TY TY TY TY TY le T
(10:45:45 AM) ferria: \i feel much better just seeing you all
(10:45:49 AM) BlueWall: is the database ok? Tables, etc.
(10:45:53 AM) ferria: and gettiing "fresh" info
(10:46:14 AM) leTwitch: hey y'all sorry I had a work phone call
(10:46:15 AM) Zia_: so theres the "rumor" that if it does not fly "this week" that it will be brought back as is. Comment please. Best to kill faulse data when its found.
(10:46:25 AM) leTwitch: please, check here first if you want to know whats up
(10:46:35 AM) Ken_S: So lots of people I hosted free on OSG are asking.. Is it coming back online this week with or withing AV inventory as promised last week?
(10:46:36 AM) leTwitch: I try to update mon or tuesday morning (when I'm off)
(10:46:50 AM) leTwitch: if I'm not around, AllenKerensky generally has the scoop
(10:47:12 AM) leTwitch: ok about inventory, and user accounts
(10:47:24 AM) Zia_: Is there "always" sombhody here that knows? Here is where i got that "one week" rumor.
(10:47:25 AM) leTwitch: inventory is kind of a placeholder for an instance of an asset
(10:47:43 AM) leTwitch: that's a lot of tech in there, but the short story is, inventory is just the way you 'handle' an asset
(10:47:57 AM) leTwitch: so if there are no assets, there is no inventory
(10:48:05 AM) AllenKerensky: the inventory is a list of signs that tell the viewer which asset to ask for
(10:48:12 AM) leTwitch: it's very likely that this will dictate that we all redo usernames too
(10:48:37 AM) BlueWall: The assets database (pointers to the files) it that intact?
(10:48:44 AM) Zia_: redo user names? Liekmake a new account from the start?
(10:48:47 AM) leTwitch: so losing the assets, it's pretty much a grid reset scenario
(10:49:00 AM) leTwitch: BlueWall, I have no idea
(10:49:03 AM) Zia_: holy crap!
(10:49:07 AM) Ken_S: I moved my OSG database to connect to my private Robust and everything was there on the sims. Nothing was missing.
(10:49:26 AM) leTwitch: Ken_S, I would OAR those puppies.
(10:49:38 AM) Ken_S: All sims from OSG that I hosted were now on my private grid, no loading oars needed,
(10:49:47 AM) Ken_S: Oh I did long ago
(10:49:48 AM) lillith_xue: its not the sims, its your avi missing stuff
(10:50:00 AM) BlueWall: I home my "No Pants" barrel makes it through, lol
(10:50:11 AM) Zia_: ha a ha
(10:50:17 AM) leTwitch: BlueWall, the master database, all that which is not assets, so to speak, is on a different server, and so is not directly impacted by the corruption that resulted in the grid going offline
(10:50:22 AM) AllenKerensky: leTwitch this sounds like the end of Tron Legacy - big boom and back to the empty sea of simulation
(10:50:55 AM) BlueWall: leTwitch, right. That is what I have understood.
(10:51:04 AM) leTwitch: AllenKerensky, kinder, but in our scenario many people will reload OARs and IARs and much of the content will come popping right back up
(10:51:05 AM) AllenKerensky: regardless of how things go - thank you leTwitch for everything you've done and are doing for this
(10:51:20 AM) Zia_: Since Met had a hack atack i so want to think that SL had a hand in this but... i know thats silly. This is more then belivable Sad
(10:51:27 AM) BlueWall: Hopefully the asset database will be intact and the file structure.
(10:51:33 AM) leTwitch: Thank you AllenKerensky and all the other users for being so level headed about this
(10:51:34 AM) AllenKerensky: and yes - if it is a big bang reset - I'd have to decide if I even wanted my OAR/IAR back
(10:51:45 AM) leTwitch: same here
(10:51:56 AM) leTwitch: I'd want my old inventory, but I have IARs
(10:52:16 AM) Zia_: I have enough and the rest is OARs
(10:52:29 AM) leTwitch: I have debated with myself whether I want to preserve the Hiro Protagonist avatar
(10:52:32 AM) Zia_: Yes, thank you very much Letw
(10:52:36 AM) BlueWall: One of the breakouts was about spreading inventory service across multiple servers with nosql
(10:53:03 AM) leTwitch: BlueWall, those are the sorts of things we'll be taking the time to do in anticipation of restarting the grid
(10:53:11 AM) Zia_: Well as we see now, a back up of somkind would be great. (stating the obvius)
(10:53:26 AM) BlueWall: It didn't sound like the database would be too good for blobs, but it would probably work with the file storage idea
(10:53:29 AM) AllenKerensky: run LeTwitch here comes the wish lists!
(10:53:33 AM) BlueWall: cluster it.
(10:53:47 AM) leTwitch: we're discussing, for instance, a pair of asset servers in 'hot and ready standby' configuration; one writes everything written to it to the other
(10:53:55 AM) BlueWall: but, then you get into multiple servers.
(10:53:55 AM) leTwitch: this would be hella simple to do with SRAS
(10:54:05 AM) leTwitch: I think we've reached that point
(10:54:18 AM) AllenKerensky: i would have mentioned SRAS style dedupe
(10:54:39 AM) AllenKerensky: mostly because that would simplify my inventory enormously from a storage standpoint
(10:54:57 AM) leTwitch: SRAS will be a part of what ever we do moving forward, though it might see some tweaking for effect Wink
(10:55:11 AM) AllenKerensky: yeah
(10:55:43 AM) lillith_xue: also it would be cool for people that dont run theyr own sim, to have some mechanism to create iar-files ;-)
(10:55:44 AM) leTwitch: so, the plan was that if they weren't finished today, we would roll on without the recovery completed.
(10:55:45 AM) AllenKerensky: this is some crazy hobby to get stuck on
(10:56:13 AM) leTwitch: However, I think, that at least for me, this was predicated on what I saw as the likelyhood that the copy had failed (which it has not)
(10:56:28 AM) AllenKerensky: well leTwitch if there's anything I might be able to help with - let me know
(10:56:30 AM) Zia_: Well, considering where the futur is going and all things... We kidn of in the front line of it. Bound to be learing curves Wink
(10:56:40 AM) Ken_S: Is the AV user info needed for login (user name, passwords, etc) still OK? If so is it feasable to bring the grid back up with zero AV inventory and swap out the inventory drive later if they ever get it fixed?
(10:56:45 AM) leTwitch: so y'all debate this; chat it up among yourselves - comment on face book
(10:56:49 AM) leTwitch: Zia_, Wink
(10:56:58 AM) leTwitch: I'll be around all day
(10:57:16 AM) leTwitch: lets check our and each others pulses on this, yeah?
(10:57:26 AM) Zia_: Cheers Let. Thansk for the update Smile MWAH!
(10:57:42 AM) leTwitch: AllenKerensky, I will, be carefull homey you might get a new job lol
(10:57:45 AM) AllenKerensky: Ken_S if they have to rebuild the accounts - that would lose the necessary mappings if the inventory/assets come back
(10:58:04 AM) leTwitch: Yes, that is the only reason we would want to do a user reset
(10:58:12 AM) Ken_S: So the accounts were lost too?
(10:58:20 AM) leTwitch: no they are there
(10:58:40 AM) leTwitch: but without the assets, we have all the previous inventory as 'orphaned' inventory records
(10:58:48 AM) leTwitch: these have to be backed up, indexed, stored....
(10:58:53 AM) leTwitch: ....and all would be worthless
(10:58:59 AM) Zia_: or... deleted Wink giggles
(10:59:30 AM) Ken_S: Can't orphaned inventory records be deleted by the user?
(10:59:30 AM) Zia_: I not crying about it. My invintorys a mess as a newbies any way LOL Ill start over Big Grin
(10:59:59 AM) leTwitch: yeah, that seems to be the way a lot of people feel Wink
(11:00:07 AM) Zia_: Hell i might scrap the lot and do that even if you do recover it.
(11:00:20 AM) Zia_: Inspiration through tradgidy
(11:00:26 AM) leTwitch: word Wink
(11:00:27 AM) Zia_: yep... mmore coffee Tongue
(11:00:46 AM) Ken_S: I think most people wished it had gone back online shortly after the crash happened with no inventory.
(11:01:05 AM) AllenKerensky: yeah leTwitch at login, you get your inventory-root and stuff handed back so the viewer can start requesting assets. Might be a simple place to intervene there
(11:01:18 AM) Zia_: Yea but ya cant nock the tech god guys for the effort. Way lots of work and funds!!!!
(11:01:33 AM) AllenKerensky: if the inventory/assets are toast - the accounts could be kept by just resetting inventory root to the noob default that just has the opensim library
(11:02:22 AM) leTwitch: AllenKerensky, the reasons quoted on the admin channel were all technical, talk to nebadon and danbanner - if you got a good way to do that, I think they would be open to hearing about it
(11:02:52 AM) Zia_: I would have full faith that the general community (and F^&*( them that dont) would be very understanding and apprecitive for the efforts even if it did not all come back. We know its a test grid and the lumps. OSG NOT for whimps!
(11:02:59 AM) AllenKerensky: ok sure - I'd have to look at the schema again
(11:03:10 AM) leTwitch: thanks AllenKerensky
(11:03:14 AM) leTwitch: and thank you Zia_
(11:03:27 AM) leTwitch: really, all the users have been pretty saintly about this <3
(11:03:27 AM) Zia_: Big hugs hun Smile
(11:03:29 AM) AllenKerensky: I just remember from writing my own login code that you login to one service - then get back the XML with the inventory framework from another service
(11:03:40 AM) leTwitch: nods
(11:04:09 AM) leTwitch: if anyone could come up with a perl one-liner for this it's you bub Smile
(11:04:33 AM) leTwitch: and I'd settle for three lines of perl
(11:04:45 AM) Cuteulala: is there an oar with avatars in it?
(11:04:51 AM) AllenKerensky: or a select sql line
(11:04:57 AM) leTwitch: that too
(11:04:59 AM) Zia_: ~ Shit hit the fan... still working on it... news at 11: there. one line
(11:05:08 AM) leTwitch: especially embedded in a perl one liner! xD
(11:05:09 AM) Cuteulala: <<< sick of my friends complaining about free boobs from ruth
(11:05:16 AM) AllenKerensky: you have assets in filesystem blobs, but accounts were still in the sql table?
(11:05:30 AM) leTwitch: on seperate servers, too Smile
(11:06:51 AM) leTwitch: asset server is just O/S, blobs, nginx, apache, and SRAS2
(11:07:13 AM) leTwitch: ther *might* be an instance of sql there, but if so, it does something glue-like with the assets
(11:07:32 AM) leTwitch: I honestly dont see why it would be necessary though
(11:07:46 AM) leTwitch: everything else is on a differnt box
(11:08:27 AM) leTwitch: the asset store, at the filesystem level, looks very much like the simulator cache
(11:09:54 AM) Zia_: Ok guys. Now yoru way over my head and making me dizzy. Thank you so much for the update Letw/ I gona go wake up and find soemting to keep my head bizzy... waiting for the day.... Cheers all. HUGS!
(11:10:17 AM) leTwitch: Thaks Zia! have a great day Big Grin
(11:10:28 AM) Zia_: You all too Smile)
(11:10:31 AM) leTwitch: Thanks**
(11:10:32 AM) Zia_ left the room (quit: Quit: Page closed).
(11:11:25 AM) AllenKerensky: okay the users table has a URI for inventory, not the root inventory folder assetID
(11:11:48 AM) leTwitch: should be able to get that from the inventory service
(11:13:29 AM) AllenKerensky: yah I gotta look at the code
(11:13:53 AM) AllenKerensky: but it looks like you'd have to subvert the inventoryfolders table to make a new root folder the way its done for a new user signup
(11:14:07 AM) AllenKerensky: but associate the existing agentIDs from the user table
(11:14:16 AM) AllenKerensky: a little more than 3 lines o' perl there
(11:14:35 AM) leTwitch: Wink
(11:25:07 AM) AllenKerensky: okay think I found it
(11:25:25 AM) AllenKerensky: will make some notes for Neb and Dan
(11:26:29 AM) AllenKerensky: when you read the inventory folder table for a given user ID - the user ID's "root" folder is whatever folder has the name "My Inventory" and a parent UUID of all zeros. - so each user has a custom root folder.
(11:26:40 AM) leTwitch: Thanks AllenKerensky you da man xD
(11:27:07 AM) AllenKerensky: seems to me you could just zap ALL entries in inventory folder table, and make a new UUID then assign it name My Inventory and parent ID of uuid-zero
(11:27:16 AM) AllenKerensky: and they have a new empty inventory
(11:27:40 AM) leTwitch: the last concern is orphaned inventory entries
(11:28:03 AM) leTwitch: oh wait no it isnt
(11:28:08 AM) leTwitch: I didnt read you closely enough
(11:28:12 AM) AllenKerensky: yeah that requires matching the agent ID with the login and see if the folder table has entries for IDs that are not in login table
(11:28:30 AM) leTwitch: essentially a sort of prestart maintenance script
(11:28:37 AM) AllenKerensky: yeah
(11:29:01 AM) leTwitch: ok talk to neb and dan about that - they got a better feel for the scale, and how fast such things would go
(11:29:39 AM) leTwitch: it's looking like I gotta step out for a bit after all, though I dont have to work
(11:29:43 AM) AllenKerensky: the real trick is if MOST assets are restorable
(11:29:49 AM) leTwitch: gotta go meet my friend's newborn son Smile
(11:29:53 AM) AllenKerensky: cool
(11:29:56 AM) AllenKerensky: ttyl
(11:30:04 AM) leTwitch: Thanks AllenKerensky
(11:30:13 AM) leTwitch: Thanks all of ya
langsam dämmert mir, wie Schröder das meinte, als er Putin einen lupenreinen Demokraten nannte---
I have to leave said the leaf and left to the left klara
(12.11.2014, 06:40)Kubwa schrieb:
Zitat:Stallings added that the grid will be making some changes to its backup system, to avoid similar problems in the future.

“We’re discussing, for instance, a pair of asset servers in ‘hot and ready standby’ configuration — one writes everything written to it to the other,” he said.

Die scheinen den Sinn eines Backups nicht verstanden zu haben.
Die sollen kein hochverfügbares System machen sondern eine regelmäßige Kopie des Systems auf unabhängigen Datenträgern.

Und sag mir bitte einer das die nicht wirklich das Filesystem statt einer Datenbank nutzen... die verarschen uns oder?
Admins können doch unmöglich so dumm sein...

Sorry Kubwa, aber das ist kein Witz. Undecided

Wie sagte doch Einstein: "Nur zwei Dinge sind unendlich, das Universum und die menschliche Dummheit. Beim Universum bin ich mir noch nicht ganz sicher ..." Big Grin
Wer nicht weiss wohin er will, der kommt leicht woanders hin.

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  [OSGrid] Crowdfounding für OSGrid Bogus Curry 0 2.873 21.05.2016, 20:15
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