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Aus dem Chatlog des OSgrid Jahrestreffens
Das OSgrid ist eine "non-Profit, tax deductible 501(c ) 3 organization", also sowas ähnliches wie in Deutschland ein gemeinnütziger Verein. Im Dezember war das gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Jahrestreffen, und ein Chatlog wurde veröffentlicht:
Annual OSgrid Membership meeting Dec. 13th, 2015

Hier folgt ein nach persönlichem Gusto zusammengekürzter Auszug: Finanzlage des Grids, Gratisland für Newbies, Zustand des Wikis, Freitagsparty, Ubits Merge und eventuelles Pflichtupdate, Physik-Engine Ubode oder Bullet, Divas Onlook Viewer und das leidige Suitcase, Loopback-Routerproblem.
[2015/12/13 11:07]  albertlr Landar: Right now we have a balance of $2,605 in our paypal account.
[2015/12/13 11:08]  albertlr Landar: now that is a little below where we like to keep it, to cover any unexpected expenses
[2015/12/13 11:08]  albertlr Landar: We perfer to have around $3,000 and we have pretty much kept to that most of the year.
[2015/12/13 11:09]  albertlr Landar: We may be trying to have a fundraiser the first of the year to try to bump that up some.
[2015/12/13 11:13]  albertlr Landar: I am sure however that there are also some that have places available for new arrivals that you may be willing to let them have for free
[2015/12/13 11:13]  albertlr Landar: But I would like to ask anyone that may have land available or homesteads to let me know so I can include that information in the Wiki, or at least links to it.
[2015/12/13 11:14]  albertlr Landar: A lot that is in the forums is hard to find, and is outdated.
[2015/12/13 11:14]  albertlr Landar: So using the wiki may help people to better get the infor they need quicker.
[2015/12/13 11:15]  albertlr Landar: I think one of the great accomplishments of the community this year was setting up the Friday dances after the need came up.
[2015/12/13 11:15]  albertlr Landar: And we want to incourage more of that in the community.
[2015/12/13 11:18]  albertlr Landar: But first I want to recognize Ubit who is the primary person responsible for the avination merge which is going on now, and is working very hard on giving us all such great new improvements to opensim.
[2015/12/13 11:18]  Caro Fayray: any idea when the mandatory update  will  arrive?
[2015/12/13 11:19]  dan banner: caro if we can avoid the mandatory part of the update we will
[2015/12/13 11:19]  dan banner: it all still kind of being worked out
[2015/12/13 11:20]  Lance Fang: is Ubode the default engine for the 9 series of servers?
[2015/12/13 11:21]  dan banner: lance: bulletsim is still the default
[2015/12/13 11:22]  Ubit Umarov: none of the current engines is "perfect"
[2015/12/13 11:23]  dan banner: ubode supports vehicle border crossing
[2015/12/13 11:23]  Ubit Umarov: at this point ubode may have a bit more features than bullet
[2015/12/13 11:37]  Ubit Umarov: well but we should avoid using the old ode..  since it will be removed one day )
[2015/12/13 11:42]  stiofain nbmcmedia: i wanted to ask will the grid be adding whats needed to make divas onllook viewer work?
[2015/12/13 11:42]  dan banner: stio: we will probably not be adding the onlook modules to the grid
[2015/12/13 11:45]  stiofain nbmcmedia: oh ok her instructions have only been online for few days we havent worked it out yet on standalone
[2015/12/13 11:46]  albertlr Landar: one other thing I recently brought up with dan, is that when you hypergrid out of OSgrid you don't have a My Suitcase.
[2015/12/13 11:46]  albertlr Landar: And you don't really need it, as anything you want to pick up elsewhere will go directly to your inventory.
[2015/12/13 11:48]  albertlr Landar: If you have a successful Router you use would you let us know.
[2015/12/13 11:48]  albertlr Landar: We need to update our lists of what works and what does not work for people.
[2015/12/13 11:49]  albertlr Landar: And I don't know if there is a successful way to over come the loop back issue with just a software fix, but that would be great if it exists.
... => Server-Tutorial für Linux mit OpenSim.

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